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#837 CLICK IMAGE TO GET PRICE. Neon Pink with fancy semi-furry poodles outfit
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#TY002 Elvis, Sock Monkey, Dora and Chipmunks
8 different colors of outfit with a rhinestone record, your initial and 8 black notes
900-10 3"x1" Brooch
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SE300-19 White skirt with Sequin Hot pink or light pink Poodle, leash, hem and belt
Green Sequin Christmas tree with sprinkled music notes
906 CLICK IMAGE TO GET PRICE. HotPink/Black Outfit with lots of rhinestones on neck, sleeves and leash
Christmas Wreath red skirt
Neon Pink and Black Sequin Poodle
9005-18 Red black swirl cat-eye glasses
# CL129 French blue with silver accent outfit for Adult Small 5'2" to 5'4"
Adlt9 50% on this Adult XS Charcoal skirt with pink poodle & leash

Always text your questions at 972-849-1930

We are closing out our inventory, 25% to 90% discount on selected items on the page of SALE,

You will get free alterations on shorter length , smaller or larger waist when you find the item you like, Not longer length.

put your desired alteration needed in comment box.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: 1. Do you ship to International addresses?

A: Yes. We are able to ship to International addresses as long as the customer is willing to pay for the shipping/handling costs and insurance. Please allow at least 3-5 days for process and 7-10 weeks for delivery.

Q: 2. How long have you been in business?

A: Annie has been making poodle skirts since 1999 and she loves every minute of it! We are always experimenting with new ideas for our customers! Stardust Diners of New York, Chick-fil-let are our customers . Other customers such as Highschool choirs , marching band, Flag guard, church musical have been ordering from us.

Q:3. Do you have a store?

A: YES, we do! We are located in 3029 Arapaho Road, Garland, TX 75044. Between Jupiter and Shiloh Road, East of Highwwy 75, about 13 minutes north of 635 (LBJ) Freeway. Please send us pictures of you at your special 50's event! If you want to come pick up your outfit or skirt, email us your favorite color and specify your size or your measurements of waist and length of skirt, we will have them ready when you come.

Q:4. Do you do large orders for group?

A: This is our expertise to make quantity order, as long as you have 3 weeks for under 50 skirts or 4 weeks for under 75 skirts and 5 weeks for over 100 skirts depending on the availability of colors and sizes of shirts.

Q: 5. What kind of material your skirts are made of?

A: All out skirts are made of 100% Acrylic Felts unless specified , some poodles are made of felt, some in polyester, some in Sequin and some in Furry polyester.. Our creativity is making the skirt looked good.

Q: 6. What comes on a STANDARD skirt?

A: Our standard skirts are in stock only available in certain colors, they comes with a felt poodle, leash, and a rhinestone collar .You also have the option of ordering a Fluffy Poodle or a Silver Poodle for an additional charge.

Q: 7. What is the difference between a Standard Poodle and a Fluffy Poodle?

A: The most obvious difference is the price. Second, the fluffy poodle has a furry texture than the felt poodle that we use on our Standard skirts. Third, the furry texture gives the poodle a 3-dimensional look.

Q: 8. What size should I order?

A: Please refer to our size chart for the appropriate size. Unlisted sizes will be considered as custom orders. Order Shirt Size: check our shirt size chart, add 1" or 2" to actual chest or bust size for room. Order Skirt Size: Measure waist, hip and length from waist to midcalf or any preferrable lenght, fill them in the blanks.

Q: 9. How long are the poodle skirts supposed to be?

A: Typically, the skirts reach the mid-calf, however it is also a matter of personal preference. All our skirts are measured to roughly reach the mid-calf. If you would like a shorter or longer skirt, the price, depending on length, will differ from our regular prices. For example: 4'-child Medium, 4'2"-child large, 4'6"-child XLarge. 5'-Adult xs 25", 5'2"- 26", 5'3"- 27", 5'4"-27.5" or 28", 5'6" -28.5", 5' 8"-29", 5'9"- 29.5". 5'10" and above 30"

Q:10. What is your most popular color?

A: Our most popular colors are Light Pink and Shocking Pink, so if you want to be daring...we suggest you pick a different color. We recently added Lavender and peach to our selection! Take a look at our poodle outfits of what other customers have ordered!

Q: 11. Can I create my own poodle skirt?

A: Of course you can! You can design your own skirt on our Custom Poodle Skirts page with our different embellishment. We might charge you a little fee for changing our designs.

Q: 12. When will my order arrive?

A: Standard processing and shipping will take 7-10 days. You can choose the options of shipping if you need them earlier than our standard delivery time. Please provide accurate phone numbers , cell phone number if available and email addresses in case we have questions concerning your information on your order.

RUSH services are available for an additional $5 to $15 RUSH Handling Fee in addition to shipping costs. Please let us know of any deadlines you are working with. You still have to allow 1-3 days for us to process.

Q: 13. Is there a difference between ordering by phone or via the website?

A: We need the proof of orders , correct mailing & payment information , phone orders are not suggested. To avoid the delay of orders, online order is advised.

Q:14. What forms of shipping do you use?

A: You have the following options to choose from: Standard (7-10 days); 2nd Day (3-4 days); Next Day (1-3 days). Shipping and Handling costs depend on the total order amount. Please indicate which method of shipping you prefer. If we do not hear from you after we email you for approval of shipping charge, we will go ahead to ship with ground service.

Q: 15. What if my skirt doesn't fit? Can I exchange it for a different size?

A: You may exchange the skirt for a different size on standard skirts only. Due to the skirts are custom made, there is a re-stocking fee of $10 for exchanging different width or length. Please refer to our Return/Exchange Policy for the conditions.

Q: 16. Can I return my poodle skirt?

A: Please refer to our Return/Exchange Policy.

Q: How do I wash my poodle skirt?

A: Annie's Poodle Skirts can be machine washed inside out in a slow cycle (or hand washed with Woolite). Delicate cycle with low heat to dry, and iron on low heat. Upon ironing, the skirt will discolor for a few seconds and return back to original color once ironing is completed.

Q:17. Do you have a catalog?

A: SORRY! Unfortunately, we do not currently have a catalog, however, we are constantly updating our website to ensure our customers get a feel for Annie's creations!

Q:18. Can I just purchase your poodle or applique?

A: Sorry, we do not individually sell our poodle or appliques.

Q: 19. Do you accept CODs as payment?

A: We currently do not accept CODs as a method of payment. We DO ACCEPT Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, local personal checks with valid local Driver's License only, and money orders. Orders paid with money orders will be shipped when payment has cleared.